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Product Specifications

CPASK  Diplomat Plus - SK-CPA1418DP  

Main specs

Size:  14" x 18"

Fits Documents:  9 7/8" x 13 1/2" vertical

Moulding:  Solid Hardwood

MAT Color:  Black Suede / Gold Fillet


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CPASK-Diplomat Plus - SK-CPA1418DP-CPASK Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan
Specifications Media



14" x 18"

Fits Documents

9 7/8" x 13 1/2" vertical


Solid Hardwood

MAT Color

Black Suede / Gold Fillet


The top of the line Diplomat Plus frame is constructed with a solid hardwood moulding in an elegant mahogany coloured furniture style finish. The Diplomat Plus frame features a black suede mat, gold wood fillet around the window opening along withthe the CPA Logo stamped in gold.




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